What is “Dis-ease?”


‘Dis-ease’ means life “without ease”.

Disease is the result of some form of imbalance.  Discomfort is often a very powerful signal from the body, indicating that some form of change is necessary, in order to set the stage for healing.

Most illness is caused by an accumulation of lifestyle and environmental stressors that build up over the years. Some of these factors arise from poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, chronic stress and emotional strain.  These factors lower the immune system and create inflammation in the body.  This  lowers the overall vitality of the body and can increase the chance of illness.


The holistic approach to disease involves finding the root cause of illness and implementing the type of treatment that is appropriate for the condition. In treating disease, complementary and alternative therapies are used to help alleviate stress, reduce pain and anxiety and promote a feeling of well-being.