Dr. Sarah Millar

Dr. Sarah Millar, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Millar has always been interested in the dynamic and inseparable role of the mind and body in healing. After studying four years of Health Psychology at McGill University, she went on to complete a four year Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine.

Without exception, Dr.Millar strives to address the root cause of every health concern.  In her private practice, she specializes in working with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue and general low vitality.

Sarah teaches specific and practical tools on how to begin working with the various challenges of life in an effective and balanced way.  Essential tools for life are discussed and practiced as each individual learns to turn the tide on illness and suffering.

Dr. Sarah also works extensively with women and men suffering from hormonal imbalances.  She has trained with some of the best leaders in Bio Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) and takes a special interest in balancing and healing the often overlooked thyroid and adrenal glands.